The tremendous growth and popularity of the eCommerce industry have made the companies brainstorm ways of choosing the right solutions that can help them enhance their sales with improved business ROI’s. Integration of SAP ERP with eCommerce has become increasingly popular. Businesses are now realizing the importance and benefits of integration of SAP ERP with eCommerce more than ever. Connecting a range of functional areas is at the core of SAP ERP solution to ensure reliable and sustainable supply chain management across the system.

SAP ERP products drive better collaboration, enhanced efficiency & performance, and better decision making across the enterprise. With integration, it becomes a relevant source for the data and offers seamlessness across your business.

Logistics and supply chain management- Why should we integrate SAP ERP with eCommerce?

Here are a few reasons why it’s time you should integrate the SAP solution with your eCommerce platform.

With the help of integrated solutions, information, data, and insights that are critical are available in real-time. For example- Reports on the order placed and the orders in the process can be retrieved easily. It results in accuracy due to the information available in real-time resulting in better decision making and improved performance.

Manual operations like manual entry or re-entry of the information/data related to the products are no longer required. This further brings down the potential for any kind of errors related to the inventory, product & items, customer, and shipping. Integrated solutions offer processes that are automated and require minimal manual intervention.

SAP ERP and eCommerce solutions improve the overall functionality of the system in terms of real-time information on tracking, carrier, check-out options, and a lot more. It lets you manage the transactions and data across multiple sites taking into consideration multiple currencies, conversions, and consistency across systems. It can further help you reduce the inventory staffing costs with synchronization of the processes resulting in much more accuracy.

A fully integrated solution enhances the capabilities of the system as well as the solution. It results in seamlessness owing to a fully integrated solution resulting in no redundancy.

As you would always have access to real-time information, your organization is in a better position to make informed decisions about the pricing strategy, offerings enable you to address customer needs quickly.

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