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SCPLAN GmbH is committed to providing holistic supply-chain consulting services through a true part partnership with our clients. We empower businesses to respond to market challenges with agility and precision by leveraging the latest technologies and SAP solutions. Our mission is to guide our clients through decision-making and digital transformations, ensuring a smooth planning process, reducing operational costs, and enhancing overall supply chain efficiency. We prioritize close teamwork and cooperation to create joint added value, delivering customized business solutions that optimize our clients’ value chains.


Our vision is to be the leading supply chain consulting firm, known for our extensive experience, profound consulting expertise, and holistic service with SAP solutions. We strive to create an outstanding customer experience and ensure sustainable success for our clients through consistently successful projects and exceptional service. Our specialization lies in always being at the forefront of digitalization and innovation in the fields of supply chain planning, big data, and machine learning technologies.

Our values: Transparency, Quality and Teamwork

Transparency: We ensure that you have a clear overview of your project and cost structure at all times.

Quality: We provide you with high-quality consultation, thanks to extensive and proven professional and industry experience.

Teamwork: One of our success factors for our projects is, that WE is emphasized within us. Achieving more together is our motto.

Explore a Comprehensive Suite of Supply Chain Consulting Services​

Unlock the full potential of your supply chain with our holistic approach to consulting. Partner with us to elevate your supply chain to significantly enhance performance and achieve your objectives more effectively. We offer expert guidance and support across every stage of supply chain planning, from concept validation to tailored solution implementation, and ongoing SAP application maintenance.

Discover more about our diverse consulting portfolio in our dedicated consulting section. Let’s collaborate to optimize your supply chain for maximum efficiency and profitability.



Within the scope of individual consulting with regard to your supply-chain planning, we aim to focus on developing customized strategies to address and solve identified challenges in your business. Our approach to individual consulting comes with a practical orientation, guides you through the entire process of implementation on a partnership basis and will make its successful realization clearly visible.

Please find the link for an overview of our successful consulting projects, available on the customer references site.

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