We at SCPLAN GmbH advise our customers in the supply chain environment and prepare them for the future. For this we not only work on optimizing internal business processes – we also take external influences into account, understand external circumstances and weigh up possible challenges so that you get the best possible solution for your company! Progress is a challenge and the opportunity to discover new markets for your company. In order to always be up to date, we constantly deal with current possibilities for change and improvement, as certain trends have an enormous influence on the previous supply chain management. If you want to remain competitive, you have to consider the following influencing factors, such as digitalization, Globalization and sustainability are becoming more and more important and are increasingly coming to the fore. In order to meet the requirements, it is essential to rethink various processes and convert them over the long term. We are the right partner at your side for this. In this blog we cover the main trends and the need for change and progress.


Nowadays it is not easy as a company to keep up with the changing times and the constant challenges that come with them. Processes that were well thought out yesterday and guaranteed optimal output can be called into question again tomorrow.

One of the most important factors currently is digitalization, which has had a significant impact on our society in recent years. In the last 12 months this has intensified again significantly due to the global situation. As a company, digitalization gives you the opportunity, on one hand, to raise the flow of information to a completely new level – on the other hand, you have to be prepared for an ever-growing order situation and at the same time meet it. Since information is transmitted much faster through networking, there is also significantly more transparency in reverse. In addition, stakeholders are given the opportunity – if necessary – to influence processes quickly and directly and can thus, for example,counteract a production drop or failure. This is just one example of many advantages that digitalization brings!

Overview of some of the benefits of digitalization


The “boom” of globalization has decreased significantly in the last few years – for the most part this is due to serious changes that were partly predictable, but partly we were confronted with situations and circumstances that we simply cannot influence or plan. Let us take two examples of this – on one hand something that can be planned for – the exit of Great Britain from the European Union: here the European market was and will be changed in a forward-looking manner – here we had time to find ways and solutions. At least we were able to adjust to it and take steps to be able to use it as productively as possible. The fact that China is a nation that is increasingly strengthening its economic position is a predictable component.

But what about the “extreme cases” – the things that just happen that we can neither influence nor plan? The last 12 months have shown us soberingly but also impressively how important it is to be prepared. We were used to the fact that the processes in the economy are clocked as well as possible. Complex work steps that extend over several departments in different countries in order to ensure low production costs in the shortest possible time were not a problem. Until the lockdown. The necessary government intervention, export bans, lockdowns, etc. have severely affected, if not paralyzed, the global economy. Let’s take a look at the automotive industry, suppliers,who have their factories scattered all over the world and who produce different types of products in different factories have problems getting the necessary material in the required quantity and, above all, on time to hand over their finished products to their customers “in time”.

It is imperative for every company to consider such risk scenarios in the future and to draw up and be prepared for emergency plans. This also includes recurring political disputes such as in the past between the USA and China, through which we were confronted with rising customs duties on certain goods.

At SCPLAN GmbH, it is important to us that you are prepared for every scenario. That you do not have to record any losses if possible due to situations over which you have no influence!


What wasn’t too much in focus a few years ago has became a game changer. The topic of sustainability is currently very important to our society. Many companies are faced with the great challenge of producing high quality products while at the same time taking ecological and social requirements into account in their value chain. The art definitely lies in placing products on the market at a competitive price without ignoring the specifics of sustainability.

What are the specifics of sustainability?

Companies (mainly with their logistics division and the SCM) have a high level of responsibility with regard to the high CO2 emissions caused and the resulting damage to the climate. The pressure and demands on companies are increasing more and more – from politics, society and ultimately also from our own customers. It is expected that the processes in your supply chain are planned in an environmentally conscious manner and that sustainable measures are taken. Efficient supply chain management gives you a competitive advantage. Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) should be perceived by you as an opportunity to use the conditions for yourself and to master the challenges in the best possible way.

We combine the three cornerstones for the future and change in supply chain management.  

In SCM, SCPLAN takes into account digitalization and globalization in connection with sustainability and thus not only increases your image, but also your success!