Challenges on the market demand an immediate response to gear the client’s needs. This, consequently, requires to be clearly visible in the planning system and has to be on hand for an accurate decision-making. To that effect business organizations explore avenues for an up-to-date technologies capable of solving these challenges encountered.
SCPLAN GmbH wishes to accompany you from the decision-making procedure, for required changes to be conducted in the supply-chain through to the maintenance of SAP solutions.


The SAP IBP's primary function is serving as an integrated business planning. The process of business planning takes the entire value chain into consideration with due regard being given to a strategic planning. The objective is a holistic and smooth planning process, which contributes to the overall improvement of the value-chain. SCPLAN GmbH ensures that the outcome of the SAP IBP project is of great success for all parties involved. This has been confirmed by end clients. Get an idea of our customer references and get in touch today .


The supply-chain faces constant changes and meets various challenges in today's world. It holds that big data is to be exploited for an additional value to the business. This is being reinforced by the ongoing digitalization, which requires necessary and corporate adjustments on the one hand and offers new opportunities on the other. In addition to that, trendsetting and innovation such as machine learning appear on the scene. This among other related corporate questions are to be applied for the company's profit-building.


Quite a number of companies still make use of the SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization (APO) as solution for their supply-chain planning. SCPLAN GmbH sets its sights on supervising you from the transformation of your APO supply-chain planning into IBP. On doing so, we keep sight of the added value in order to ensure the best possible platform for you to come to optimal decision in regard to the company. You will sense our supply-chain planning expertise also in solutions of SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization.


SCPLAN represents many years of profound experience , comprehensive consulting expertise and a holistic service in supply-chain planning with SAP solutions. We create joint added value for your company and guide you as your partner – from the feasibility study to the implementation of the customized business solution through to the maintenance of your SAP application at regular intervals.

At the setout of our supply-chain consulting, we start off documenting your company’s business processes. Thereto we build a project structure, in which all relevant business cases, system requirements and process steps are being organized. Your benefits : Within the context of the business blueprint document, we collaboratively work on defining your future process- and system landscape . As a result you can make an decision already at this point on how the business processes in the SAP solutions are expected to run.

Do you wish to ensure that your SAP implementation proceeds successfully and leads to better results? With a proof of concept (POC) we minimize your business risk and validate your supply chain concept. In the course of this forward-looking risk management, chances of success can be realistically assessed even before the implementation and the insights gained thereof can be transferred to the subsequent implementation.

As your competent partner for successful supply-chain planning, we take charge of the implementation of Integrated Business Planning or Advanced Planning & Optimization. This includes but is not limited to the identification, adaptation and implementation of new as well as future-proof business and technical scenarios.

In order to support the organisational and systematic changes, we make sure that your organization is involved in the development from the very beginning. By the help of our professional training and documentation, we ensure that this expert knowledge continues to exist in your company.

As part of our holistic consulting services in supply-chain planning, we put particular emphasis on optimizing your supply-chain network as well as on improving the forecast accuracy.



An increase in efficiency and net value-added in all processes constitute the focus of our comprehensive check of your supply-chain management. On the basis of our individual benefit concepts, we determine your supply-chain solution’s concrete potential for improvement, including integration in sales, distribution, production and purchase and aim at increasing your overall supply chain performance.



Full cost control: By means of supply optimization, we ensure a smooth and the most efficient operation of your supply-chain. For this to happen, we develop customized plans for an improved process control and optimized input of resources to minimize your procurement- , production-, storage- and transport costs.



An improvement in forecast accuracy gives you significantly more leeway:

  • to reduce stock levels and lower stockholding costs
  • to increase your service level and customer satisfaction
  • to produce the right products at the right time

At SCPLAN we apply a multi-level forecast for this purpose, which improves the forecast quality by 5 – 20 % on average. The forecast results include different levels for the best possible forecast outcome.

We see the key to successful supply-chain planning in close networking of all parties involved and in cooperation as a team. You create the common basis on which we develop and implement individual solutions to optimize your value chain. On that account, we place your requirements and concrete needs at the center of our practical-oriented all-round consulting. We look forward to meeting you personally.

We are happy to provide an overview of our successfully completed consulting projects in our customer reference list.