sustainable supply chain management
sustainable supply chain management

Digitization has become an important and critical aspect when we talk about the value proposition for businesses especially when dealing with growth & development. “Digitization” has become one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry and across the world, as everything seems to have undertaken some of the other forms of digitization.

The fact is that many companies are still not aware and most of them truly don’t understand what is meant by the term “Digitization in Supply Chain”. 

Is it all about replacing the obsolete technology with the latest platforms or is it its incorporation of high-tech systems? Or Does it involve the refinement of complete supply chain management to optimize the results and processes?

To understand it better, let’s dig deeper. A digitized supply chain relies on integrated solutions rather than manual inputs and interpretation or human intervention. It is dependent on intelligent, smart solutions that are advanced and capable of communicating & data sharing for seamless workflow execution. We will help you understand why a digital supply network is crucial in today’s world and what are the core elements that help benefit the companies in the competitive environment.

Digitized Supply Chain

A “Digitized supply chain” is an integrated solution that involves planning and production that work in synchronization to create a seamless supply across important touchpoints of the supply chain. With the help of digitization you can expect the results to be more agile, responsive, and transparent that can meet the needs related to the inventory shortages or overages, amendments to the orders, etc.

How does it impact the supply chain?

With digitization, the supply chain has seen never before innovative changes through technologies that have transformed operational capabilities. The greatest benefits the supply chains take from the digitizing process are the speed and cost. It significantly helps in cutting downtime which is essentially important while taking some strategic decisions. And at the same time helps in boosting operational efficiency.

With digitization, companies can get benefitted from lower production, operational costs, improved lead times, and enhanced reporting analytical abilities. It can help planning, and reporting effectively,

Benefits of Digitized Supply Chain

Companies can largely get benefitted from the digitization in the supply chain. No doubt they get benefitted in terms of growth, improved productivity, profitability but there are a lot of other benefits such as-

Digitization results in a holistic integration and brings together every application under the same umbrella. With this holistic approach, the companies can take note of planning, production, operational, and management as part of the overall system. 

IoT- The Internet of things is not new to supply chain management. In recent years it has become instrumental in fostering responsive, accurate, and accessible data management. Through IoT, digitizing the supply chain brings together various methods of sorting, evaluating data that is essential for the managers to predict accurate analysis for effective strategies.

Digitization removes the bottlenecks and hence contributes to enhanced communication without any breakdowns. 

For many businesses or supply chain operators having an end, transparency is very important. As digitization brings in elements of transparency, therefore, the members involved at every step are easily able to access the data. There is improved visibility through real-time insights.

Today in the technological era companies cannot afford to lag. Companies are relying heavily on the accuracy and availability of data for better planning, production, management, and tracking of the movement. Today it is more of a necessity and a truly digitized supply chain is the only step for a bright and long-term future.

With the unprecedented times due to covid-19, many supply chains have suffered due to their outdated systems. There are many deliveries or execution of the tasks that require interactions in person and a digital approach to these systems helps eliminate face to face interactions which improves business both during the normal times as well as these times due to Covid.

Digitizing your supply chain is the logical step and a necessary one. The sooner you start with it the earlier you will realize how critical it is for the benefit of your organization. However, it is important to take assistance from an expert proficient in logistics and supply chain management.

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